Our Story


Mission On A Beach

Out of necessity the founders of MeTime Audio set out to design a solution to listen to music on the beach without the nuisance of having to take on and off ear buds with sticky, sandy, wet fingers for every swim. A hassle they often dealt with on family beach vacations. Additionally, they didn’t want to block out the ambient surroundings, so they could hear the waves, or the kids when they were needed. They wanted to enjoy their music but without bothering others near them, or conversely hear their music while blocking out the obnoxious tunes 20 feet away that threatened their hopes of a chill day on the beach. The alternatives on the market where earbuds, headphones & portable speakers, all of which unloaded their own set of issues. They knew the beach was no place for certain audio technologies, and this inspired them to create a solution that married music & the ocean together. SunTunes™ is a hybrid of all 3 mainstream technologies; ear buds, headphones and portable speakers in a single product, engineered to be element-friendly. This personal speaker puts a new spin on the old thinking of personal audio, ears remain completely open, not covered, to enjoy PRIVATE music & to stay connected to the surrounding beauty & sound.

MeTime Audio soon became a family affair with their sons, their greatest creations and ongoing source of inspiration. Creating a family business allows them to teach their sons entrepreneurial skills that will serve them well in whatever career path they choose. They were taught diligence, a hard work ethic, and above all nothing matters more than family. These core values learned as children, carried over to their professional pursuits, and is something they hope to instill in their own children.

They continue to manufacture quality consumer electronics and are committed to delivering products that are functional, affordable & adapt to ones lifestyle whether its epic adventures or kicking back on lazy days. Because their passion is inspired by the Ocean, they are advocates for ocean conservation & believe even small changes can make a difference. It is believed that one day the plastic in the ocean could soon outweigh the fish. So, skip the straw & save a turtle, use reusable water bottles & pick up your trash when you leave the beach. Simple changes, yet they make a difference.

metime audio manifesto – time to unwind

We don’t spend enough time relaxing. Work, family and social commitments are all essential and fulfilling, but tend to fill up our days meaning we barely get any time to indulge in ourselves and our own needs. And while it seems like there’s a dedicated day for everything, sometimes it takes that extra bit of encouragement to remind us that MeTime is a necessity, not a luxury.

This is where music plays a key role. It appeals to that part of the soul that knows no boundaries. It’s a universal language that brings people together or disconnects you from the world. It’s the love and understanding that illuminates’ dark times and the serenity during great times. We can only hope that our product paired with your tunes breaks you away from daily mundane experiences, help you unwind, recharge & bookmark special moments in your life.

Learn to embrace those MeTime moments. Land, sea or shower, power-up our small, but fierce personal speaker & take the time you deserve to unwind.